DLM Series

The DLM Series is a compact load monitor packed with features. Designed to offer comprehensive load protection to power presses, be quick and easy to use and is very competitively priced.

The DLM works by measuring the dynamic force signal generated by the piezoelectric transducers mounted either on the press frame or con-rods.

This signal is checked against a maximum and minimum load value and should it fall outside these limits a fault is detected and the press stopped. There is a fixed Press Capacity limit that gives protection to the press event when the DLM unit is in bypass mode.

DLM Features

  • Displays peak load measured through the stroke
  • Large easy to read LED display
  • Teach button quickly sets limits to tool load in one press
  • Checks for overload and underload conditions
  • Press capacity limit & optional tooling limit protection
  • Hard-Hit counter
  • Key access to set points and fault reset


  • Protect your press and tooling from expensive damage.
  • Prevent over-setting and jammed presses.
  • Accurately set the correct tonnage for each job.
  • Detect broken springs, punches, misfeeds and scrap.
  • Prevent smash-ups by stopping the press before the damage is done.
  • Reduce tool setup time.

DLM Series - For a full specification please download our brochure