Covid-19 Statement

Dear Customer,    I wanted to take some time to update you on how Decade Monitoring Solutions Limited are tackling the challenges caused to COVID-19.  As of Monday the 30th of March, our main office will no longer be manned as normal. We have spent the previous week making sure that everything is in place to ensure all our staff can work effectively from home, maintaining where possible normal business practices to ensure continuity of support. The phone line has been redirected to our Technical Director who will be available to answer any requests. Should you have any [...]

Slide Control

Do you want to reduce tool changeover time? Improve repeatability? Reduce the risk of setting issues?   Decades 170 slide control lets you save the press RAM position into the tool memory. Once set once the exact position can set automatically from the unit.   Our customers have saved 1 hour of changeover time per press line increasing production dramatically.  

New product development

          Following on from the release of the new production recording terminal Decade is in the testing stages of its new PRESS LOAD MONITOR. With new powerful hardware, new improved user interface and increased feature set the 170 monitor will be a big jump forward in press load monitoring.

New RT Production Terminal

  New Decade RTX10! Accurately record your production, plan all your job scheduling and send email/SMS notifications. This ties in with our updated MARS v4 software for a powerful and cost effective production recording system. For more information contact us on info@decade.co.uk and we’ll be happy to give you a product demonstration