260 Series

With it’s forward thinking technology, The Decade 260 Series not only offers you up to the minute analysis of systems but also enhances their capabilities.

Monitoring up to eight independent test processes on one or more machines. Cutting edge technology means the Decade 260 Series can be used to not only measure and analyse assembly, but also to determine the quality of every component made.

The 260 Series allows you to measure and analyse, before deciding on a pass or fail and can report on variables such as force and position, detecting anomalies and making sure all is correct.

Main Features include:

  • The 260 can monitor up to eight independent test processes on one or more machines..
  • Tool based system stores all process monitoring parameters in tool database. A tool can also be externally selected by controlling PLC.
  • The test sequencer function can package individual test processes in multi-stage machines to give one overall result for each machine cycle.
  • Each test process test can have up to four check-regions each with separate pass/fail criteria.
  • A fault log provides historical failure information.
  • Statistical functions generate Xbar, Range, Cpk and sigma results from process results.
  • Large 10.4” TFT colour touch screen for clear display of process data and an intuitive interface.
  • Configurable I/O channels, and easy wiring to controlling PLC.
  • Data output facility to get sampled data, SPC data and fault log data into spreadsheets.
  • Machine production/Downtime monitor – Connect the 260 to the Decade MARS System, no need for an additional HMI.
  • Networked Data-logging – Connect the 260 to the Decade Network Data-logging System (NDS) to store production measurable and graphs.

Typical Applications:

  • General component insertion
  • PDI test machines
  • Bearing and oil seal insertion
  • Gear and pinion pressing on to shafts
  • Valve guide/seat insertion in to cylinder head
  • Cylinder Liner insertion
  • Core plug insertion
  • Wheel stud insertion
  • Spin riveting, rivet setting
  • Pressure testing
  • Staking and swaging operations
  • Single and multi point bush insertions
  • Push-out testing
  • Effort checking in sub-assemblies
  • Deflection testing
  • Torque, friction testing

260 Series - For a full specification please download our brochure