160 Series

With its host of unique and innovative features, the Decade 160 Series is the clear choice to ensure you get the utmost performance from your power presses.

With clear, simple-to-use touch screens, which can be free-standing or panel-mounted, the modular system can be easily operated, and adapted to suit your exact requirements.

The Decade 160 series press automation system is designed, developed and manufactured by Decade in the UK. Competitively priced and backed by expert service, the 160 series puts unprecedented control at your fingertips.

Main Features include:

  • Tool database – stores all the settings for each tool or die and recalls them when the tool is next needed, ensuring quicker and more reliable changes. The automatic tool recognition feature also identifies each tool as it is fitted in the press and loads the appropriate settings, with the capacity to remember up to 800 tools.
  • Main screen – allows an overview of the complete system from just one screen, and the option to then set up or view specific features.
  • Tool protection – 16 sensors monitor correct operation, stopping the press in the event of a fault and avoiding irreparable damage to expensive high quality tools or components.
  • Load monitor – allows a more accurate method of monitoring press and tool load, and sets trip levels automatically, to allow finer control over the press and tool conditions, and eliminating nuisance stoppages
  • Programmable cams – avoids the problems associated with having to adjust camboxes and physically move cam lobes. The 160 series provides eight fully independent CAM channels, and allows you to control on/off angles from the screen.
  • Servo roll feed interface – can be set with pitch, rate and acceleration/deceleration information when a new tool is loaded from the tool database.
  • Slide position controller – Helps drastically reduce set-up times through storage and easy retrieval of known reference points for tools and dies.
  • Machine production/Downtime monitor – Connect the 160 to the Decade MARS System, no need for an additional HMI.
  • Press Cushion and Counterbalance Control – This feature allows both the cushions and counterbalance presses to be set for each tool, extending the life of both press and tooling.
  • Temperature Monitoring – Allows up to 4 temperature probes to monitor for excessive temperature increases.
  • Clutch and Brake Monitor – Disables press operation when the preset safe stopping time is exceeded.

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